Personality Disorders

Personality DisordersOur personalities describe who we are: how we think, act, decide, interact, and respond. For most people, personalities are ordered as consistent, stable patterns that continue throughout life, allowing meaningful interactions with others and the world.

Broadly speaking, for those with Personality Disorders, those patterns are ordered (dis-ordered) in such a way that one’s behavior, thoughts or both cause significant distress to oneself or others.

Several distinct personality disorders are currently recognized (Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Dependent Personality Disorder being examples). As each describes one’s personality – those traits that mark one person as different from another – treatment is typically different than with other psychological disorders. It often involves the development of greater insight and awareness about the distressing patterns of behavior that affect the individual or others. As one may expect, any number of other areas may emerge and require attention, including substance abuse, marriage counseling, depression, anxiety and so forth.

Covenant Counseling and its counselors can help an individual (or the family) address some of the issues related to the Personality Disorders, giving clients a way forward in addressing their issues and experiencing greater satisfaction with life.

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