At any given point during the year, Covenant Counseling has several groups that are active and currently meeting. At the same time, others are likely in the process of forming. Though specifics vary, most groups meet every-other week, for eight to twelve sessions. With a few exceptions, most groups are closed, meaning that participants are asked to commit to the entire series of sessions and new members do not join once the group has started.

Days and meetings times vary among the different groups. Please call our office (205-879-7500) for details and information.

Groups that are being formed or that are currently meeting include:

* Compulsive Ladies (CLG)

This group is for females who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, and who have already progressed beyond the initial phases of the recovery process.

* Couples in Pain (CIP)

This group is for couples in which one spouse is recovering from sexual addiction and the couple has moved beyond the initial phases in the recovery process.

* Sexual Abuse Survivors (SAS)

This group is designed to assist female victims of sexual abuse in their recovery journey.

* Codependency (COD)

This group is for females who struggle with codependency-type responses in relationships.

* Partners in Pain (PIP)

This group is for spouses of sex addicts. Its focus is on the traumatic experiences, self-care, and healthy responses to their relationship situation.

* Anger Management (AMG)

This group will be scheduled on demand, and can even be done as an individual “seminar”. It does use a curriculum, and will meet court-mandated requirements.

All sessions will be open for new members between the end of the current series and the start of the new series. However, interested persons may contact the office at any time to be placed on the waiting list.

For more information about any of our groups, for meeting days or times, to make an appointment with one of our counselors, or if you have any questions, please call 205-879-7500. If you would like to email us, please complete the contact form below. (We are only able to make appointments by phone.)

Covenant Counseling

We are a group of licensed clinicians who seek to maintain the highest professional standards in our fields and whose Christian faith is central to our lives and practices.

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Our Counselors

Heather Hagins

Licensed Counselor

Heather Hagins, MA, MBA

Anxiety, depression, grief, abuse, relationship concerns, spiritual struggles, infidelity, family of origin concerns, and more.

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Trey Hill

Licensed Psychologist

Trey Hill, PhD

Marriage counseling, relationship development, family of origin concerns, ADHD assessment, depression, anxiety, stress perfectionism, and more.

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Anna Stanley

Licensed Counselor

Anna Stanley, MA CEDS

Eating disorders, family concerns, women's issues, depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, and more.

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Hunter Stanley

Licensed Counselor

Hunter Stanley, MDiv, MA

Grief, anxiety, depression, spirituality, relationship issues, codependency, substance abuse and addiction, identity concerns, and more.

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Kara Jones

Licensed Counselor

Kara Jones, MA EdS

Marriage and pre-marital counseling, anxiety, depression, women's issues, boundaries, codependency, grief, and more.

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Gil Kracke

Licensed Counselor

Gil Kracke, MA, MA, DMin, NCC

Pre-marital and marriage counseling, grief, family of origin issues, concerns regarding aging, and more. Gil is the Director of Covenant Counseling.

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Joyce McKay

Licensed Counselor

Joyce McKay, MEd, EdS, CSAT

Sex addiction, recovery from sexual abuse, grief, trauma, anger, and adjustment issues.

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Rachael Garrett

Licensed Counselor

Rachael Garrett, MA

Grief counseling for all ages, miscarriages, infant loss, self-esteem, concerns about self-harm, anxiety, depression, anger, parenting concerns, and more.

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Alice Churnock

Licensed Counselor

Alice Churnock, MA, CEDS

Eating disorders, body image concerns, depression, stress, anxiety, anger parenting issues, and more.

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Christy Harmon

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Christy Harmon, MSW

Life transitions, adoption and attachment, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and struggles to build healthy self-esteem, and more.

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Andrew Jones

Associate Licensed Counselor

Andrew Jones, MA

Marriage and pre-marital counseling, spirituality, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, boundaries, and more.

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Becky Whitson

Licensed Counselor

Becky Whitson, MA, EdS, CSAT, NCC

Sexual addiction, codependency, infidelity, recovery from sexual abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, marriage counseling, and personal growth.

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Paul Johnson

Vocational Counselor

Paul Johnson, MBA

Career counseling and development, vocational assessments, executive coaching, career transitions, and more.

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Lisa Phillips

Licensed Counselor

Lisa Phillips, MA, MA

Relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, codependency, boundaries, pre-marital and marriage counseling, and more.

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A first session typically begins by meeting the counselor and going over a few aspects related to confidentiality. The counselor will want to know what brings you to the office and may try to gain a better sense of your context. Depending on the situation, you may begin to develop initial hopes or goals for your time together, to provide greater clarity on the focus of your counseling. Hopefully, you will be helped – even in your first session.

Our counselors work to provide a supportive and caring environment. Issues or dynamics can then be explored and addressed towards facilitating the needed or desired change.

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