Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and AddictionThe wrongful use of (ab-use) and dependence on (addiction) substances is a significant issue facing many of us. Few families are not affected in some way by the abuse of or addiction to alcohol or another drug (either prescription drugs or otherwise).

In either instance, substance abuse and addiction are chronic compulsive behaviors that result in negative consequences for the individual and his or her family. Marked by patterns of misuse, an inability to interrupt or stop the behavior, greater amounts needed to achieve the same effect, and any number of vocational, relational, or societal consequences, problems with drugs and alcohol create difficult challenges and issues.

Counseling and treatment are necessary for those whose drug and alcohol use has become compulsive. Members of the staff at Covenant Counseling specialize in working with individuals and their families to explore treatment options, towards finding the way forward in life, free from the compulsion to use or abuse alcohol or another substance.

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