What to Expect

Covenant OfficeTherapy (or counseling) brings clients a new outlook on life, giving individuals and families a new beginning, as they move forward in a healthy way.

Taking the first step toward therapy is an out of comfort zone request for many people, but can be seen as a healthy recognition that we can’t always do everything on our own.

At Covenant Counseling, a client’s first session with a therapist typically includes meeting one another and discussing the client’s focus of therapy, going over a few aspects related to confidentiality, clarifying what needs may be present, and developing initial goals for the work ahead.

Broadly speaking, at each session following, the therapist works to provide an environment for safe, caring exploration, to address the previously identified needs or issues. The therapist works to design a series of discussions and engagements that facilitate the desired change.

Our counselors are licensed professionals, ably equipped to provide competent professional care. As Christians, we are also prepared to accompany clients in matters of faith and life, as a faithful response to biblical and theological resources.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our counselors or have any questions, please call 205-879-7500. Click here if you would like to email one of our counselors.