Group Therapy and Support Groups

Group Therapy and Support GroupsWe naturally and intuitively want to interact and connect with others, to experience the security that comes from the caring of others. Participation in a group often provides the additional benefit of seeing things from another’s perspective, as well as providing a sense that one is not alone in their experience, as previously believed. There are many benefits in being a part of a community.

At different points during a year, Covenant Counseling offers several different opportunities to be a part of a group (either a therapeutic group or a support group). These experiences provide individuals with on opportunity to know others who have similar or complementary experiences, affording a unique opportunity for growth and understanding.

We have several current and forthcoming groups that focus on particular areas, including codependency, for survivors of sexual abuse (separate groups for women and men), for couples affected by sexual addiction, and for women recovering from compulsive sexual behaviors. In the past, we have also had groups which have focused on divorce recovery, grief, anger management, and sexual addiction for men.

If you are interested in learning more about groups in any of these areas, if you have any questions, or to inquire about the availability of a particular group, please call our office at 205 879-7500. You may also ask your counselor about a particular group’s availability. To make an appointment with one of our counselors, please call 205 879-7500.