Sex Addiction

Sex AddictionSpanning the range from unwanted to dangerous behavior, sex addiction emerges in many forms, becoming a progressively intense preoccupation and behavior.

Accompanying sex addiction is often shame, self-doubt and self-loathing, mental anguish and a sense of alienation. Addicts can feel powerless over their own behavior, whether viewing pornography, having multiple affairs or sexual partners, or other actions involving distorted and distressing sexual behavior. Addicts may come to view their lives as out of their own control, realizing that their addiction always affects other important relationships.

Therapeutic sessions with a counselor can help an individual understand better the causes of his or her addiction, as well as develop specific plans and techniques to move individuals past their obsessions and compulsions, towards more positive relationships and a healthy life. Counselors can help clients address the numerous issues that often are present with a sex addict, including low self-esteem, financial ramifications, codependency, the need for marriage or family counseling, and depression.

Members of the staff at Covenant Counseling specialize in working with sex addicts to discover their life again, breaking free from their addiction and being restored to a sense of freedom.

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