Psychological Disorders (Mental Health Disorders)

Psychological DisordersPsychological Disorder is a broad term to describe patterns or clusters of symptoms that affect one or several areas of an individual’s life, usually in a manner that causes distress and impaired relationships. Also called mental health disorders, they can affect an individual physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and behaviorally.

Generally speaking, many psychological disorders and their effects can be helped with counseling; many also are most effectively treated with the concurrent or separate care of a physician or others. The counselors at Covenant Counseling are available to help individuals who may have a psychological disorder, whether by providing greater awareness and information, by helping to identify ways of managing or coping with the disorder, or towards resolving the disorder through appropriate treatment steps.

Though by no means a comprehensive list, a few of the major categories of psychological disorders that we encounter frequently are outlined below:

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