Relationship Issues

As people, we are created to relate to others; indeed, one of the great desires of the human heart is to know and be known by another. Most find themselves in relationship with any number of people, whether family members, friends, spouses, co-workers, or casual acquaintances. While those relationships can be a source of great joy, so often they also cause great distress.

Broadly, Relationship Counseling addresses the dynamics that frequently emerge when relationships become difficult. Those dynamics and accompanying emotions can vary widely: disappointment, resentment, passivity, aggressiveness, bitterness, contempt, misunderstanding, disconnectedness … the range of responses can seem staggering. Working with a counselor can help reveal these patterns and dynamics, allowing individuals an opportunity to gain or regain perspective and clarity, seeing things as they actually are.

Covenant Counseling specializes in working with the broad scope of situations in which relationship issues may arise. We work with couples in need of pre-marital or marriage therapy, or in the area of infidelity. We also work with individuals or couples who have questions following a divorce, for those who would like to address possible issues related to codependency, or for those who desire family counseling in any number of forms.

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