Women’s or Men’s Issues

Though men and women mostly find themselves as coming from the same planet, it is true that it often seems as if they come from Mars and Venus.

Many find it helpful to meet occasionally with a counselor, not for a specific disorder, but simply to process aspects of life and living. Broadly speaking and certainly not always, these types of meetings may generally be described as exploring issues that seem unique to women or unique to men. Changes in stations of life, dealing with the pressures of aging parents or of parenting, exploring the role and meaning of expectations, processing work-related questions or questions dealing with identity and purpose: men and women often have somewhat unique perspectives and dynamics as they approach such realities.

Each person’s narrative and situation is distinct and different. Covenant Counseling and its counselors work to provide a place and opportunity to explore and process these distinct contexts, allowing an opportunity for something new to emerge, for an understanding to be gained, or for an experience to be changed.

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