Stress Management

Stress ManagementThe experience of stress, and the emotions which follow, is a normal and positive experience, preparing the body and mind in a particular way for what is occurring. Too often, however, stress becomes problematic. As life’s stressors do not go away or when our bodies do not seem to go back to normal, stress becomes a long-term experience and a day-to-day burden. The effects are often debilitating.

Stress is different for each person and is triggered differently for each person. Oftentimes, factors or situations at work, within the family, or from life generally serve to overwhelm us, resulting in unhappiness, dissatisfaction, fatigue, and general dis-ease. It makes it difficult to sleep or enjoy life, and affects our appetites and capacity to engage others. Too much stress affects our productivity, our quality of life and our relationships.

Covenant Counseling offers help for individuals experiencing too much stress, working with each person to determine ways to help clients manage life in a productive way and our bodies’ natural responses to these stressors.

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