Spiritual Issues

A life lived beneath and before God is one that often presents new questions: Who am I? Who is God? What has God done? Questions about our identity, the nature of God, and God’s presence and activity in my life are often questions at the forefront of many of us, either standing alone or as a part of other issues being considered.

Drawing from its Christian foundation, Covenant Counseling is able to help individuals who find themselves brought to a place where such questions are at or near the front of their minds. Ideally, we like to come alongside one’s local church, offering a clear and true word of encouragement and counsel.

We often have the privilege of meeting with pastors, missionaries and others engaged in active ministries. We daily have the privilege of engaging folks from a variety of backgrounds and experiences: in the process of counseling, spiritual issues frequently and naturally emerge, providing an opportunity for clarification and increased understanding.

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