Self EsteemHaving a right view of ourselves, neither maximizing nor minimizing our talents, gifts, shortcomings or deficiencies: this is often much more difficult than it would at first seem. Though often an overused term, self-esteem (how one views him- or herself) could be considered a key component to contentment. Amidst of culture of over-stimulation, of ubiquitous comparison, and often of increased disconnection, it is more and more difficult for many to have an accurate view of themselves: of their minds, their bodies, their work, or their souls.

Therapy for self-esteem can help free individuals from the ever-present voice of accusation and from the often unfounded, negative judgment which so many experience, often with crippling consequences. Working through these dynamics with a counselor can help an individual see things correctly, allowing them to have their lives built on a firm and secure foundation of what is true.

Covenant Counseling offers a safe place for clients to explore aspects of their thoughts and feelings about themselves and others, and to obtain tools to help them engage life more confidently, honestly and freely.

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