Fear and Phobias

While nearly everyone experiences some amount of apprehension about particular things or situations, for others that fear approaches a paralyzing level. Whether spiders, heights, dark places, or certain social situations, any number of things can evoke a response of fear. As fear is a natural reaction to the unknown and dangerous, the sensations felt during fear are the body’s response to heighten awareness and protect.

When such fear becomes overwhelming for a person, especially in commonly encountered situations that affect one’s regular life, that individual may be experiencing a phobia. Left unaddressed, some phobias or fears are relatively harmless, as the individual simply avoids encountering the feared thing. For others, such avoidance is not possible, and help may be needed.

Covenant Counseling can help work through and resolve some fears and phobias, offering an individual the chance to engage life in a different and more freeing way.

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