Crisis Counseling

A crisis or disaster (sometimes called a critical incident) can shake an individual’s core sense of self. It can disturb one’s moment-to-moment belief in basic safety and security, in the trustworthiness others, or the confidence in one’s self to deal adequately with life, sometimes at the most basic level. Tornadoes, a fire, an accident, a crime: incidents such as these can evoke anxiety and distress in anyone. Oftentimes, following exposure to such crises or events, other seemingly “normal” events take on a different meaning, and watching the news or having a conversation with a friend can serve to take an individual back to the incident, as if it were happening again in real-time.

Crisis Counseling can provide individuals a vital place to explore and regain perspective. It is often done in a relatively short window of time for the client (two or three sessions), as the narrative of the event and the associated emotions are processed. Therapists at Covenant Counseling can help individuals work through the aspects and dynamics associated with the experience of a trauma, critical incident or crisis.

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