Career Counseling – What to Expect

Career Counseling - What to ExpectWhile the needs and goals of each individual are different, the counseling process usually begins with an initial interview session. Various questions or comments that we hear include:

  • I need to find a new job or career, but don’t know what I can do next.
  • I hate my job and feel like I need to make a change. I am looking for a good fit.
  • I need help with my resume and how to go about looking for a job.
  • I am unemployed and need to find a job.
  • I’d like to understand my calling better, to do work that really matters.
  • How do I make a career change?
  • Am I a good candidate for starting my own business?
  • I don’t know what to major on in college.

Based on the discussion and the need, the counselor will make recommendations on how to proceed. The entire process may require several sessions.

Job Search Principles for Job Seekers and Career Changers

Whether the participant is an unemployed job seeker or a person who is employed but wants to make a career change, the principles covered in these phases will help. While there are seldom easy answers, there are proven principles to help individuals gain the confidence and skill they need to manage effectively their own search process. Towards providing an idea of what you may expect, a possible outline of content to be covered in individual sessions includes four phases:

Phase I: Assessments and Feedback

Many times we recommend that clients take career assessment tests and exercises. These are intended to shed light on how God has designed each person. We explore motivation, interests, personality, skills, and experience in order to help individuals be better “shoppers” for the next career move.

  • Career assessment instruments
  • Self-assessment surveys
  • Deciding on a direction

Phase 2: Marketing

  • Preparing a resume
  • Developing verbal communication strategies
  • Writing effective letters
  • Utilizing social media effectively

Phase 3: Penetrating

  • Networking: what it is and what it is not
  • Researching for more effective results
  • Developing a proactive plan
  • Responding to advertisements
  • Using internet sites effectively
  • Working with search firms and staffing agencies

Phase 4: Interviewing

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Negotiating the package

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