Adolescents and Teenagers

Adolescents and TeenagersThe pre-teen, teenage and early adult years are unique, and sometimes present unique challenges and opportunities: for children and parents alike. A rapidly changing and fast-paced world can be mystifying to parents and difficult to navigate for adolescents. Technology, school pressures, peer pressure, extra-curricular activities, drug and alcohol use: there seem to be a never-ending stream of concerns.

Parents often and understandably are frightened and fearful for their children. The children themselves are often stressed, anxious, depressed or overwrought.

Adolescents are no longer children, but they are certainly not adults; the stakes seem higher than ever. What to do and where to turn, when things turn south?

Covenant Counseling has counselors who work with adolescents (pre-teens, teenagers and young adults) as well as their parents, for any number of issues. Sometimes a family simply needs the help of someone outside the circle, who can translate what seem like different languages being spoken. Other times, the interventions needed are more significant. Whatever the situation, some of our counselors work specifically with the challenges peculiar to adolescents, and consider it a privilege to come alongside a family.

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