ADHD in Children and Adolescents

ADHD In Children and AdolescentsIn recent years, much has been gained in our understanding of ADHD and how it affects children and adolescents. Often first observed as a disorder that affects performance in school or a child’s or adolescent’s ability to learn effectively, it also can greatly affect their capability to regulate their emotions, make effective decisions, establish and maintain healthy peer relationships, and more. For those who have ADHD, its effects pervade and touch each aspect of their lives.

Treatment can make significant differences in a relatively short amount of time. Sometimes occasional engagement with a counselor over a longer period of time can also help a child or adolescent learn ways to manage better their ADHD, resulting in a healthy, satisfying, creative and engaging life.

Several of the counselors at Covenant Counseling have experience in helping children, adolescents and their families better understand, engage, and treat ADHD.

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