The Re*Vive Program Services

The ReVive Program ServicesIndividual Therapy to address:

Family Therapy to address:

  • Necessary consultation with parents or spouse
  • Education and support
  • Therapy with the entire family or the couple

Nutritional Therapy and Education to address:

  • Essential nutrient needs, energy levels and metabolism
  • Weight management towards a healthy and sustainable level
  • Decreasing food obsessions
  • Recognition of the differences between head hunger and physical hunger
  • Development of a non-diet approach to eating
  • Concurrent exercise addictions

In addition to providing services for individuals and families, the ReVive Program also offers the following services for other professionals working with those affected by eating disorders:

  • Full client assessment for eating disorders (symptomology)
  • Assessment of family needs
  • Recommendations for level of treatment
  • Resources to local groups and other treatment providers
  • Local and national contacts or referrals for eating disorder treatment
  • Coordination of care (locally and nationally)

The ReVive Program also offers occasional support groups and other local community resources.

If you would like to contact any of the team members of the ReVive Program, please click here. If you would like to make an appointment with one of the counselors of the ReVive Program, or have any questions, please call 205 879-7500. Click here if you would like to email any of our counselors.