Play Therapy for Children

Play Therapy for ChildrenPlaying is a child’s natural form of expression; it has even been described as a child’s natural “work”. Even before speech, play is an outlet for emotion and the source of learning for young minds. Children express their thoughts and feelings through working with objects and speaking or acting for those objects.

Play Therapy describes a method of working with children in a counseling setting, offering children a safe, secure environment in which to explore and express their emotions and selves in their most natural form of expression. Specifically, Play Therapy can help children work through and address issues that stem from stress which often accompanies divorce, forms of abuse, loss, and the challenges accompanying ADHD, anxiety, compulsive behavior and the like.

Covenant Counseling has a Registered Play Therapist who specializes in working with children and families, offering the most appropriate therapy to help overcome behavioral and emotional challenges.

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